6 January 2017   Leave a comment

A crack in the Larsen C ice shelf has been growing at an accelerating rate.  The crack has grown to almost 50 miles since 2011 and now only about 12 miles of ice remains connected to the rest of the shelf.  If the shelf calves off, the glaciers behind it will be closer to melting directly into the ocean.  We once thought that Antarctica was more resilient to climate change than the Arctic, but we seem to have been mistaken.


In 1565 the first voyage from Asia to Mexico occurred, for the time truly globalizing trade and integrating China into the global economy without the centralizing effect of Spain and Portugal.  The voyage led to an independent trade between Mexico and China and for the first time economic interactions flowed in a truly global manner.





Posted January 7, 2017 by vferraro1971 in World Politics

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