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Just as troubling as the rise of right-wing parties in the world is the rise of anti-establishment parties, such as the Pirate Party in Iceland or the 5 Star Movement in Italy.  Anti-establishment parties exist in somewhat of a political vacuum–they reject traditional politics but have yet to coalesce around a positive political platform.  The Pew Research Center has conducted polls on these movements and found that they have strong support in Europe and the US, but similar sentiments exist throughout the world.  How these sentiments will ultimately affect broader politics is not clear.


The Syrian government and the Russian air force continue to pummel the city of Aleppo and it seems as if it is only a matter of time before the Syrian rebels will be forced to abandon the city.  The human toll of the bombing will probably never be fully known, but it is hard to imagine that anyone could survive the relentless attacks.  There is also another tragedy unfolding along the Turkish-Syrian border as the Turks refuse to take in any more refugees.  The refugees are trapped along the border, with no humanitarian support and no real hope for safety.  As many as 500,000 lives are hanging in the balance.

US President-Elect Trump has announced that he will appoint Oklahoma’s Attorney-General, Scott Pruitt, as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Pruitt is a climate change skeptic and has sued the EPA for enforcing federal rules over what he believes are issues to be settled by state, not federal, laws. Interestingly, Mr. Trump had his largest margins of support in the recent elections in the southern states which will most likely be most seriously affected by climate change of all the regions in the US.  We will have to see if President Trump changes his opinion that climate change is a “hoax.”


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