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Fortunately, the earthquake near Fukushima, Japan did not cause major damage.  There was a fear that a tsunami of up to nine feet might be associated with the earthquake, but the surge was much smaller.  There was slight damage to the nuclear facilities that were heavily damaged in the 2011 tsunami, but the quake was a deadly reminder of the earlier devastation.

The Credit Suisse Research Institute has released its Global Wealth Report for 2016.  Since 2010 Credit Suisse has published information about the distribution of wealth in the world, concentrating on what are known as as the ultra-wealthy.  Its findings are stunning:  0.7% Of Adults Control $116.6 Trillion In Wealth and the bottom 73% (3.5 billion people) control $6.1 trillion in wealth.  The world is an extraordinarily unequal place.

Russia announced on Monday that it would deploy Iskander ballistic missiles and S-400 missile-defense systems in Kaliningrad, its enclave on the Baltic.  NATO regards the deployment of the missiles, which are top-of-the-line in the Russian arsenal, as highly provocative.  Russia claims the deployment is in response to NATO’s deployment of missile defense systems.  The war of words continues, even as most NATO countries wonder about the strength of President-Elect Trump’s commitment to the alliance.  Kaliningrad was formerly known as the German city of Koenigsberg but the city was transferred to Soviet control after World War II.

Image result for map kaliningrad


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