9 November 2016   Leave a comment

As we sort through the results of the election, many are trying to predict the future under a President Trump.  The Economist opposed Mr. Trump so one should expect a degree of bias in its analysis.  But its predictions concerning the short and long-term consequences for the American and global economy are insightful and intelligent.  There are reasons to be concerned for the future, but nothing is pre-ordained.

Another area of concern is the commitment of the US to efforts to combat climate change.  During the campaign, Mr. Trump was skeptical of the threat posed by climate change, but the issue was barely discussed during the campaign.  But if he does not change his position, unraveling the recent Paris Agreement would be a pretty straightforward process.  Some analysts believe that Myron Ebell is a strong candidate for Director of the Environmental Protection Agency.  Ebell heads the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Finally, candidate Trump indicated that he would overturn the nuclear agreement with Iran and he would certainly have the power to do so as President.  That step, however, would undoubtedly isolate the US from its European allies and may antagonize Russia and China which also supported the agreement.   Cancelling that agreement would have consequences that are difficult to predict since Iranian intentions about nuclear weapons are unknown.  But the Iranians would most certainly regard the US backing out of the agreement as a sign of incredible bad faith.


Posted November 10, 2016 by vferraro1971 in World Politics

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