29 September 2016   Leave a comment

Indian troops crossed into Pakistani-controlled Kashmir to kill suspected militants.   The move comes as tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir continue to escalate after the killing of a Pakistani militant last July.  There has been a cease-fire in place since 2003 between India and Pakistan which seems to be slowly disintegrating.  The two countries have fought three major wars over Kashmir since the division of the British colony of India into India and Pakistan in 1947.  Kashmir is populated primarily by Muslims but parts of Kashmir are controlled by India which has been experiencing a resurgence of Hindu nationalism since the election of Narendra Modi in 2014.

Image result for jammu and kashmir line of control map

It appears as if the planet has passed a very significant climate milestone: it seems likely that the atmosphere will experience carbon dioxide concentrations of at least 400 parts per million permanently.  The rise assures that climate change will occur and that it is almost exclusively related to human activity: “the atmosphere has warmed the world about 1.8°F since the start of the industrial revolution.”

The Economist‘s most recent issue includes articles on globalization and reflect the magazine’s strong commitment to liberal economics.  One article in particular is a very thoughtful analysis of the recent development of populist politics which seriously question the virtues of free trade, free capital flows, and the free flow of labor through migration.  The article acknowledges the potency of these questions but still comes down hard in favor of market capitalism.


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