19 September 2016   Leave a comment

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party won convincingly in the round of parliamentary elections for the lower house of the Russian Duma.  The outcome augurs well for Putin if he decides to run for re-election in 2018.  United Russia won about 51% of the preliminary vote although the number of voters dropped to about 40%, down from the 60% of the previous Duma election.  The decline may indicate a softening of support for Putin given the economic weakness in the country right now.

United Russia Logo

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The cease-fire in Syria has ended and it was a miserable failure.  Fighting was stopped sporadically but little humanitarian aid was funneled into the country.  No state took any initiative to strengthen the cease-fire and the Russian/Assad coalition is firmly in control.  At some point, the fighting will end due to sheer exhaustion, but Assad will never be able to rule the country. The Syrian people have been totally betrayed by the international community.


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