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Violence has erupted in the Indian city of Bengaluru over a dispute over water rights from a river.  India’s Supreme Court ordered Karnataka state, in which Bengaluru is situated, to release water from the Cauvery River to Tamil Nadu state.  The dispute is over a century old and is emblematic of the likelihood of an increased number of such conflicts in the future.  Water is going to be the most fought over resource of the future.

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The US has agreed to give Israel $3.8 billion a year over the next ten years.  It is the largest foreign aid package ever approved and represents an increase from the $3.1 billion the US has been giving Israel over the last ten years.   There are some changes to the aid program, however.  Israel will be required to spend the money on weapons program produced by American manufacturers.  The deal was approved even though the relationship between US President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is remarkably unfriendly.  The deal relieves the next President from having to negotiate from a position of relative weakness.  Needless to say, pro-Palestinian groups oppose the deal since there has been no progress toward a two-state solution which is the US preferred policy position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The European Union is under tremendous strain with the British vote to exit and the rise of several right-wing, anti-immigrant parties on the continent.  Some of its members have taken strong measures to keep refugees out and, in the process, have violated EU rules and international law. In an unusual move, Luxembourg’s foreign minister has suggested that Hungary should be kicked out of the EU for its treatment of refugees.


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