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During the Cold War, the US and the Soviet Union waged wars of disinformation in order to undermine the support of allies and to foster internal dissent within each other.   Russia, under the leadership of President Putin, has revived the practice and refined it into a formidable weapon.  We had the first experience of the Russian expertise in cyberwarfare in Crimea in 2014 where Russian soldiers were sent into Ukraine without insignias on their uniforms and social media was adroitly used to confuse the situation.  Apparently the Russians are now infiltrating databases and then altering documents to create false narratives.  These activities are especially worrisome given the break-ins that have occurred in various political entities in the US as well as the voter records of several American states.

I have posted several articles recently that discuss the controversy over free trade pacts.  Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has written an article for The Telegraph that address the link between free trade and the liberal world order that was constructed in 1945. His sense of the collapse of European support for the pacts is similar to what I believe is true in the United States as well.

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The evidence is overwhelming that Syrian President Assad has ordered Syria’s military to deliberately attack medical facilities in besieged areas of the country.  The strategy is designed to terrorize and paralyze civilian opposition to his rule.  The end result will be that if Russian support assures that he continues in power, then Syria will be essentially ungovernable since no one will be able to trust Assad.  The disjuncture between military strategy and political objectives is staggering.  One wonders if Assad and the Russians believe that the civil war will simply be unending.

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The Brazilian Senate has voted overwhelmingly to impeach President Rousseff.   Rousseff has presided over a sharply declining economy and an incredible wave of charges of corruption that seems to pervade the Brazilian political establishment.  Many of the Senators who voted to impeach Rousseff are also being investigated for corruption.  The Vice-President, Michel Temer, who is from a different, more conservative party than Rousseff, was quickly sworn in as President.  He is expected to introduce some painful austerity measures to attempt to restore economic growth to the country.


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