26 August 2016   2 comments

Protests have occurred almost daily since early July in the disputed territories of Kashmir and Jammu.  Those two states are the only Muslim-majority states in India and they have been disputed since the partition of the British colony into India and Pakistan.  The two states have fought three wars over the territories, and Pakistan has been accused of fostering violence in the territories to break them away from Indian control.

Image result for map Kashmir and Jammu

Geert Wilders leads the Dutch Freedom Party and is currently one of the more popular politicians in the Netherlands.  On Thursday he published his ideas for the upcoming 2017 elections and they are profoundly anti-Islamic.  The platform calls for the closure of all mosques and Islamic schools, a ban on the Koran, a ban on Islamic headscarves, and immigration from all Islamic countries.

Geert Wilders  [What is it about right-wing hair?  Donald Trump?  Boris Johnson?]

Image result for dutch freedom party

US President Obama signed into law legislation creating the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, the world’s largest marine refuge.   The Monument, comprising 442,000 square miles north of Hawaii, will protect marine life and allow many species to replenish themselves.  The refuge is twice the size of the state of Texas and includes many areas considered sacred by native Hawaiians.


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  1. The last comment about the areas being considered sacred, does the law restrict access or anything the native Hawaiians would want to do with respect to that ideal?


  2. It’s an interesting question. There’s no information in the article about that. I would imagine, however, that since it is a national monument that no special exceptions could be made. But the law does protect the right to exercise religious freedom freely.


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