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Colombia has apparently reached an agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a rebel group that has been waging a war against the government for almost 50 years.  The struggle has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions, and been particularly nasty as it was also wrapped up in the drug trade.  The cease-fire was reached about a year ago and the government is pushing for a referendum to solidify the deal.

The US and Iran are playing a cat-and-mouse naval game in the Strait of Hormuz.  Iranian fast-attack naval craft have been buzzing American vessels this week, and the US finally fired a warning shot at one of the vessels.  The tension comes at a time when there was hope that the US and Iran were finally beginning to thaw their relations after the nuclear agreement with Iran was signed.  These tensions indicate that issues between the two states are clearly compartmentalized.

Image result for map strait of hormuz

Turkey has warned Syrian Kurds who have been fighting Daesh (the Islamic State) along the Turkish border to withdraw to territory east of the Euphrates River.  Turkey gave the Kurds a week to withdraw as Turkey maintained its fight to recover control of the city of Jarablus.  If Turkey and the Kurds come to blows, we will witness two US allies fighting each other. Apparently the Turks regard the Kurds as more of a threat than Daesh.

Map showing control of northern Syria


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