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Today is the anniversary of Jerry Garcia‘s death.  Jerry was the guitarist for the Grateful Dead and one of the most revered figures in psychedelic rock and someone who tried very hard to look like me.  He was 53 years old and his death attracted so much attention that traffic on Bloomberg News, one of Wall Street’s most important sources of information, crashed the site for 20 minutes.  Make America Grateful Again!!


R.I.P Jerry

Jerry up close-14

Australia has an abysmal record of maltreatment of refugees. It has long intercepted boat people and sent them to different islands for processing.  Through leaked documents, we finally have a glimpse into the abuse of refugees who were sent to the island of Nauru.  Nauru is one of the most isolated areas of the earth and the country only has a population of about 10,000 people.  Australia pays Nauru for the right to detain people on its territory, but it is clear that neither Australia nor Nauru have lived up to any semblance of regard for human rights.

The US began supporting the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya at the beginning of this month.  Prior to that point, the US military was simply waging a war against the growing presence of Daesh (the Islamic State) in Libya. Ultimately, however, the US and its European allies are themselves responsible for the violence which has enveloped the country since the overthrow of Muammar Qaddaffi in 2011.  But what began in 2011 as a short-term measure to protect innocent civilians has now morphed into a full-scale effort to support a shaky government in 2016.  Libya is a classic case of not thinking through the long-term consequences of military actions.


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