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Arms sales from eastern and central European countries are fueling the violence in Syria.  Investigators have found that countries such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan are procuring arms certificates and then funneling the weapons to their allies in Syria.  The scale of the weapons trade is quite significant, and such transfers violate a number of international agreements that seek to control the flow of weapons.  The Syrian government gets its weapons from Russia without any restraint since they are government to government deals.

China is a very diverse country with a large number of ethnic minorities.  Some of those minorities chafe under rule from the central government in Beijing and tensions in both the Uighur and Tibetan communities have nettled the government for many years.  Such tensions are not unusual in the world, but the Chinese government has been remarkably unwilling to offer concessions to the groups in terms of political or cultural autonomy.  That unwillingness reflects a long-standing attitude in Chinese politics. 

Ethno-Linguistic Map of China

The Russian press is largely, but not completely, pro-Trump, and one commentator has gone as far as praising Trump’s “isolationism”.  The Russian press is far from free, but it is not centrally controlled.  Rather, the press picks up the signals from the government as to what line to take.  But the distaste for Clinton is clear–a vestige from Russian displeasure at her role in shaping American policy in Libya and Syria.  One commentator was quoted in Pravda:

“Hillary Clinton in the president’s chair… is insanity, a deadly danger to all of humanity which could threaten the very existence of our civilisation.”

Pretty strong rhetoric.


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