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Immigration in Europe is a very difficult political issue and the discussion usually centers on the flow of refugees from Syria and other war-torn countries.  But Germany also attracts many immigrants from other EU countries, principally Poland, Romania, and Bulgarians.  While the numbers are lower than the current flow of refugees from non-European countries, it still is a large number (685,485 in 2015).  There is also an outflow from Germany of about half that number.  The truth is that the movement of human populations is quite substantial and sustained.

Elie Wiesel has died at age 87.  Wiesel was an Auschwitz survivor and a tireless advocate of human rights all over the world.  He made a profound difference in the world and his voice will be heard many years from now.

Elie Wiesel

We are slowly getting more information about the attack on the cafe in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  The gunmen were clearly singling out foreigners and members of the Bangladeshi elite.   They also allowed people who could recite specific verses of the Quran to live.  The impact on Bangladesh has been quite dramatic, even though Bangladesh is no stranger to terrorist attacks on non-Muslims.  The government is going to have to address these attacks more effectively if the state is to survive.


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