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Unicef, The United Nations Fund for Children, has issued its annual report on the state of the world’s children in 2016.  The picture painted by the report is truly sobering:

“Despite great progress in school enrollment in many parts of the world, the number of children aged 6 to 11 who are out of school has increased since 2011. About 124 million children and adolescents do not attend school, and 2 out of 5 leave primary school without learning how to read, write or do basic arithmetic, according to 2013 data. This challenge is compounded by the increasingly protracted nature of armed conflict. Nearly 250 million children live in countries and areas affected by armed conflict, and millions more bear the brunt of climate-related disasters and chronic crises.”

The report also noted that by 2030 nearly 750 girls will be married while still children.  The report outlines a plan of action to improve the lives of children, but the obstacles to that plan of action are formidable.


We continue to ponder the Brexit and its implications.  Financial markets have stabilized somewhat, but the longer term outlook is that British departure from the EU and the uncertainty surrounding it will dampen economic growth.  We also have a better sense of who voted for the Brexit and it appears as if the main supporters were people from what we might call the upper middle-class.  This group of individuals have seen virtually no income growth over the last few years and their anger and resentment at being cut off of the economic rewards of globalization is fueling what many have labelled a populist movement.


The Ataturk Airport in Istanbul suffered a devastating terrorist attack in which at least 36 people were killed and more than 140 injured.  Turkey has endured many such attacks since 2014 and they have been variously ascribed to either Daesh (the Islamic State) or Kurdish elements attached to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).  No group has yet claimed responsibility for this most recent attack, but attacks on airports where international visitors are assembled is more a trademark of Daesh than it is of the PKK, which tries to attack Turkish security authorities.  The political situation in Turkey becomes less stable every day.


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