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I have posted many articles over the last few months on the rise of right-wing parties in Europe.  The New York Times has a very informative article on the different parties in several countries that outline their policies.  Most of them are anti-immigrant and anti-EU and are strongly nationalist.  In many respects, they represent an anti-globalization wave in Europe.

May was the 13th month in a row to set a record for global high temperatures.  The series of record breaking temperatures is something that the climate models had not predicted, suggesting that the models themselves have underestimated the rate of climate change.  According to The Guardian:

“The scorching temperatures mean 2016 is all but certain to be the hottest year ever recorded, beating the previous hottest year in 2015, which itself beat 2014. This run of three record years is also unprecedented and, without climate change, would be a one in a million chance. Scaife [Adam Scaife, at the Met Office in the UK] says: “Including this year so far, 16 of the 17 warmest years on record have been since 2000 – it’s a shocking statistic.”

And as I write, the temperatures in the US Southwest are predicted to be record-breaking this weekend.  And the number of acres already burned by wildfires in the US is already a million more than last year at this date.

The rate if urbanization is increasingly dramatically.  It is estimated that the vast majority of the world’s 9 billion citizens will be living in cities by 2042 which means that we have to build a city of one million people every week from now until that date.  But urbanization was a relatively slow process for humanity as this video suggests.



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