13 June 2016   Leave a comment

The massacre in Orlando has generated a political firestorm, with a variety of explanations and solutions offered by people who really have not waited for all the information necessary to formulate intelligent conclusions.  But the explanation that relies on the assumption that the tragedy was a result of “foreign” influences is, for me, the most troubling because it relies on a 911 call from a deeply troubled individual made in a situation of great stress.  The idea that the killer was operating as a agent of a foreign “power” is the least likely explanation for such senseless violence.

The 2016 Global Nutrition Report has just been published and the evidence is that malnutrition is affecting almost a third of humanity.  Malnutrition refers to undernourishment as well as food availability that leads to obesity.  According to The Guardian:

“Not only is malnutrition responsible for nearly half of all deaths of children under five, it is also, along with poor diet, the leading driver of the global burden of disease.”

Malnutrition is also responsible for almost half of all the deaths of children under five years of age.

Sometimes the study of world politics is just one miserable worry after another.  An article in The Atlantic just gave me another nightmare to worry about:  the failure of the Global Positioning System.  I thought I was free of that worry since I do not use a cell phone nor do I have a GPS system in my car.  But my understanding of the system was flawed and I never knew how integral the system was to our lives, even those of us who have tried to be technologically backward.  And the kicker of the article was that the probability of a GPS failure is in some scenarios as high as 12%.  It’s time to buy a yurt.


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