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The Economist has a fascinating graphic which shows the ratios between median incomes and income inequality in 18 countries across the globe.  The data are collected from the Global Income and Consumption Project at the University of Sussex which has made the data available to the general public and allows individuals to construct their own charts from the data.  The data do show that there are serious problems in income inequality in the world–only in Europe has the tendency met some resistance.

One of the areas that will suffer greatly with climate change is the Middle East and North Africa.   Researchers have developed models that show that the region will likely suffer most during the summer months, unlike other areas of the planet which would warm more significantly during the inter months.  The researchers conclude that

“If Earth’s temperature were to increase the expected two degrees Celsius average (compared to pre-industrial times) the temperature in summer in these regions will increase twice that much. By mid-century, during the warmest periods, temperatures will not fall below 30 degrees at night, and during daytime they could rise to approximately 114 degrees Fahrenheit. By the end of the century, midday temperatures on hot days could even climb to 50 degrees Celsius (approximately 122 degrees Fahrenheit). And, they believe, heat waves could occur ten times more often than they do now.”

There are 500 million people that live in the region and the vast majority of them will likely have to migrate from the region by 2100.

Yesterday was May Day, a day celebrated across the globe (except in the US) as a worker’s day.  There were protests in favor of workers’ rights in many places, but some of the largest were in France.  The Socialist President, Hollande, has been trying to change France’s labor laws to allow workers to be more easily fired, and the labor movement in France has been protesting for over a month against the reforms.  Hollande is quite unpopular and his Socialist credentials are essentially in tatters.   But it seems unlikely that the attempt to unravel workers’ protections will be derailed.

Protests in France


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