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Russian jets flew “dangerously” close to US naval vessels in the Baltic Sea.  The Washington Post has a video of the episode and it is quite extraordinary.   The passes were made in international waters and it is not clear what message the Russian pilots were trying to convey or whether they were ordered to make the dangerous passes.  Quite clearly, some message was intended, but the risks of an unanticipated accident were very high.  No doubt the American naval vessels are no on a higher stage of alert for self-protection.  Those higher levels, however, merely make the hair-trigger more sensitive.  Or, to use the language of Gizmodo:

“If you were wondering how to be the biggest and possibly most dangerous dick while flying a $19 million piece of military hardware, that’s it.”

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has played her last political card in a desperate attempt to avoid impeachment.  She has promised to create a government of national unity if she survives the impeachment vote in the Congress.  The gambit is designed to appeal to any last minute waverers in the impeachment vote, but it looks increasingly likely that it will fail.  More members of her coalition have defected and it does not appear that she has the votes to survive.  In some sense, impeachment would be a relief to the Brazilian economy.  Right now, affairs are too problematic for most investors.

Documents recently found indicate that the Stanford Research Institute presented a report to the American Petroleum Institute (API) in 1968 that warned that the burning of fossil fuels could trigger a serious climactic problem.  This document suggests that the Petroleum industry knew about the issue of global warming a good 20 years before NASA scientist James Hansen made the issue a public concern.   Despite this information, the petroleum industry continued to deny that there was a serious problem for many years.


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