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The fourth Nuclear Security Summit is currently going on in Washington, DC.  The conference is dedicated toward enhancing the security of both military and civilian nuclear processes in order to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons.  This year’s conference is marred by the absence of Russia which has refused to participate because of differences over its behavior in Ukraine.  It is unlikely that any major decisions will be made at this year’s summit, but ongoing discussions about security of nuclear materials is absolutely essential to future security.

In many of the previous models of climate change, the issue of ice melt in Antarctica has not been a major concern.  Ice melting at the poles has not been well-understood, but two UMass researchers have developed a model of ice melt in Antarctica which more closely mathces the historical records of previous periods of global warming.  The new model indicates that ice melt is proceeding in a faster manner than has been so far measured, and that the previous models have underestimated the level of sea level rise by about half because of that error.  The new research indicates that many coastal cities could be in serious trouble by the end of this century.

Hungarian President Viktor Orban has used inflammatory rhetoric to justify his government’s refusal to go along with the European Union’s refugee proposals.  Orban was campaigning in favor of a referendum to be held in Hungary this coming fall that asks the following question: “Do you want the EU to prescribe the mandatory relocation of non-Hungarian citizens to Hungary without the approval of the Hungarian parliament?”  Orban claimed that there were 900 “no-go” zones in European cities, where the zones are defined as beyond the control of the central government because of the influx of refugees.  The whole notion of “no-go” zones is bogus:  there are, and have always been, areas of every city which are more or less dangerous than others.  That degree of danger is not remotely related to the number of refugees.


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