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US Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter, asserted today that US military forces had killed Abdul-Rahman Mustafa Mohammed, the finance minister for Daesh (the Islamic State), in Syria. Interestingly, Carter did not say that Mohammed was killed in an airstrike, leading many to speculate that he was killed on the ground by US Special Operations forces.  In the same press conference, Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, indicated that an increase in American ground forces was likely to be requested soon.  Obviously there is a build-up of American ground troops in Iraq which has not yet been fully acknowledged.

Saudi Arabia began its bombing campaign against Yemen on 26 March 2015.  In the following year, millions of Yemenis have been displaced and thousands have been killed.  There are virtually no international efforts ongoing to restrain the Saudis and it is not clear what objectives will satisfy the definition of “success” for the Saudis.  It will take many,, many years for Yemen to be fully restored to its pre-war conditions.

One hundred years ago, Irish nationalists rose up in protest against British rule.  In the six days of riots, known as the Easter Uprising, almost 500 Irish were killed by British troops.  The uprising signaled the beginning of the end for British rule in Ireland, a devolution that is still ongoing.

Easter Proclamation of 1916.png


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