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For those who want to better appreciate the dynamism of history, there is a wonderful time map of European history from 1000 CE to 2000 CE.  As you watch the video, become aware of how many places once existed which are now long forgotten (I bet the Great Lithuanian Empire was not part of your history lessons).  And for those who think that the nation-state is something permanent and static, watch how the boundaries of many familiar places change rapidly and beyond recognition.


Analysts are at a loss to come up with compelling explanations for why Donald Trump has proven to be so attractive for so long to such a large number of American voters.  Bloomberg has a series of charts which explain why voters are so angry in virtually every part of the globe.  The charts illustrate the way the majority of people in the world have been losing economic ground and how that dynamic has led to increased political polarization.

James Hansen, the former NASA scientist who first raised the issue of climate change, has, along with others, released a new paper which has generated incredible controversy.  The new paper suggests that climate change is happening much more rapidly than the climate models predict, and that the world is facing dramatic changes within a framework of decades.  The new paper focuses on feedback loops caused by the release of fresh water into the oceans brought about by the melting of glaciers and ice packs.  These feedback loops are linked to more rapid changes in air and water  circulation on the planet than have been anticipated.  If these feedback loops are as robust as Hansen and his colleagues believe, then rising oceans will be a much more immediate issue for the planet than has been assumed.


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