1 March 2016   Leave a comment

There is a refugee camp near Calais, France, that has been around for some time.  Many refugees attempt a very dangerous route to Great Britain by trying to hop on trucks and other vehicles as they move through the tunnel from France to England (England has more generous assistance for migrants).  In the last few days, French authorities have been trying to dismantle the camps.  The move reflects a hardening of European attitudes toward the refugees.

Evidence is accumulating that the global economy is slowing down.  China has announced that it needs to lay off about 6 million workers in the industrial sector over the next three years due to overcapacity in the vital steel industry.  Great Britain suffered a sharp decline in exports, and growth remains anemic in the other major industrial powers.  The world is not yet in a global recession, but the trend line is not encouraging.

Oxfam and other NGOs have released a report that indicates that about 2.5 billion people lack a formal legal title to the land they live on and use.  The lack of legal title renders these people vulnerable to dispossession and the vast majority of these people are indigenous to the land which is largely commonly held.  Very few of the states in which these people live are willing to take the necessary steps to protect the people.



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