18 February 2016   1 comment

Venezuela’s economy has pretty much stalled out.  The inflation rate in the country is 180% and the economy contracted by nearly 6% from last year. In response, the country has devalued the bolivar, the national currency and raised the price of gasoline by about 6000% (don’t gasp–it is still very low since the fuel remains heavily subsidized).  The causes of the distress are clear:  Venezuela relies on selling oil for about 95% of its government revenues and the government of President Maduro has woefully mismanaged the economy.

The main opposition leader in Uganda, Kizza Besigye, has been arrested on election day and is being held in an unknown location.  The government has shut down several polling stations and has cut off internet connections to several social media sites like Facebook.  These events indicate that President Yoweri Museveni will remain in power and that Uganda remains far from becoming a democratic state.

All of the centrally-funded universities in India (there are 46 of them) have been ordered to fly 90-foot long Indian national flags on masts that are 207 feet high (about the same height as the Statue of Liberty).  The flags are to be  “prominently” and “proudly” flown on the campuses.  The order from the BJP party government follows large student protests over the arrest of a student protester for “anti-India” activities.  The order is curious because many of the student protesters carried the flag during their protests.


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  1. Corrupt to the core but at least their honest about it unlike the US were supposed coin tosses … Ridiculous


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