19 December 2015   Leave a comment

Two US B-52 bombers flew within two miles of the Spratley Islands, territory in the South China Sea claimed by China.  The US claims the B-52s flew “unintentionally” that close, presumably because of bad weather.  The Chinese regard the act as highly provocative and have protested what they regard a a violation of Chinese sovereignty.   The US regards that area as international waters and has deliberately tested the Chinese claim in the past.  There  does not seem to be any movement in the direction of a negotiated agreement.

Rwandan voters have given their current President, Paul Kagame, the theoretical right to stay in power until 2034.  The change in the constitution is rather unprecedented and it reflects Kagame’s current popularity among voters.   Kagame is credited with aiding Rwanda in navigating the trauma of the 1994 genocide, but his critics believe that he has become increasingly authoritarian. Many Western governments have expressed concern over the possibility of Kagame remaining President for life.

A Photo of the Earth Taken from the Moon in October


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