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Chapman University conducts an annual poll asking Americans to rank their fears (on a scale of 1-4).  Here are the 2015 results.  I find it fascinating that government corruption tops the list (even above clowns).

The Complete List of Fears, 2015

The following is a complete, list of all of the fears addressed by the Chapman Survey of American Fears, Wave 2 (2015), including the percent of Americans who reported being afraid or very afraid. 

Sorted by Percent Afraid/Very Afraid

Fear Fear Domain % Afraid or Very Afraid
Corruption Government 58.0
Cyber-terrorism Technology 44.8
Corporate Tracking of Personal Data Technology 44.6
Terrorist Attack Man-made Disasters 44.4
Government Tracking of Personal Data Technology 41.4
Bio-warfare Man-made Disasters 40.9
Identity Theft Crime 39.6
Economic Collapse Man-made Disasters 39.2
Running out of Money Personal Future 37.4
Credit Card Fraud Crime 36.9
Gun Control Government 36.5
War Man-made Disasters 35.8
Obamacare Government 35.7
Illness Personal Future 34.4
Pandemic Natural Disasters 34.3
Nuclear Attack Man-made Disasters 33.6
Reptiles Personal Anxieties 33.0
Meltdown Man-made Disasters 32.3
Civil Unrest Man-made Disasters 32.0
Tornado Natural Disasters 31.4
Global Warming Environment 30.7
Grid attack Man-made Disasters 29.8
Illegal Immigration Government 29.7
Drought Natural Disasters 29.4
Robots Replacing Workforce Technology 28.9
Public Speaking Personal Anxieties 28.4
Property Damage Natural Disasters 27.7
Heights Personal Anxieties 27.4
Pollution of rivers and streams Environment 26.9
Earthquake Natural Disasters 26.7
Drunk Driver Crime 26.5
Flood Natural Disasters 26.5
Hurricane Natural Disasters 26.4
Trusting Artificial Intelligence to do work Technology 25.8
Insects Personal Anxieties 25.5
Blizzard Natural Disasters 25.0
Overpopulation Environment 24.0
Robots Technology 23.9
Unemployment Personal Future 23.8
Artificial Intelligence Technology 22.2
Break ins Crime 22.2
Loneliness Personal Future 22.0
Dying Personal Future 21.9
Theft Crime 21.6
Water Personal Anxieties 21.0
Drones Government 20.4
Claustrophobia Personal Anxieties 19.9
Volcano Natural Disasters 19.7
Aging Personal Future 19.6
Ponzi Schemes and other financial crimes Crime 19.0
Technology I don’t understand Technology 19.0
Needles Personal Anxieties 18.5
Whites no longer majority Government 18.2
Dying Daily Life 16.8
Germs Personal Anxieties 16.5
Mass Shooting Crime 16.4
Walking Along at Night Daily Life 16.4
Murder by a stranger Crime 16.0
Mugging Crime 15.8
Police Brutality Crime 15.4
Flying Personal Anxieties 15.2
Rape by a stranger Crime 14.5
Gangs Crime 14.1
Whooping Cough Personal Anxieties 13.5
Kidnapping Crime 13.0
Mammals (Dogs, rats or other animals) Personal Anxieties 12.9
Measles Personal Anxieties 12.7
Stalking Crime 12.7
Dismissed by Others Daily Life 12.5
Blood Personal Anxieties 12.2
Hate Crime Crime 12.2
Weight Judgment of Others 11.4
Rape by someone you know Crime 11.3
Murder by someone you know Crime 10.9
Ridicule Daily Life 10.6
Romantic Rejection Daily Life 10.4
Expressing Opinion Daily Life 9.7
Ghosts Personal Anxieties 9.7
Talking to Stranger Daily Life 9.7
Gossip Daily Life 9.6
Dark Personal Anxieties 9.3
Appearance Judgment of Others 8.7
Zombies Personal Anxieties 8.5
Vaccines Personal Anxieties 8.4
Clowns Personal Anxieties 6.8
Age Judgment of Others 5.9
Race Judgment of Others 5.6
Gender Judgment of Others 4.5
Dress Judgment of Others 4.2



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  1. Dying gets mentioned twice, which seems reasonable enough,


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