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One of the problems in the climate change discussion is that we usually only experience changes in weather and not climate.  Climate is long-term weather and we usually only recognize day-to day changes well.  In addition, we have only been keeping relatively accurate measurements of surface temperatures since the 1880s.  But NASA has a video which portrays temperature anomalies since the 1880s which pretty much describes a process of climate change.


Doors are closing throughout southeastern Europe as countries try to stem the flow of refugees.  Hungary closed its borders, shunting the refugees into Croatia.  But now Slovenia is closing its doors on the refugees coming through Croatia and Croatia is threatening to close its doors.  And further down the line of countries, both Macedonia and Serbia are talking about not taking in any more refugees.  Which means that the refugees will be stuck in Turkey and Greece.  And winter is definitely coming.

Three universities in South Africa have shut down after student protests made it impossible for them to hold classes.  The students were protesting a 10% increase in fees which they say undermine attempts to diversify the once all-white universities.  The universities, like virtually all universities in the world, are suffering from reductions in state monies.  The students in South Africa believe that the state has an obligation to make higher education accessible.


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