15 October 2015   1 comment

The US has admitted that it knew about the location of a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan days before it bombed the hospital.  US President Obama has apologized for the attack, but the new evidence suggests that the humanitarian violation was far more serious than has been admitted thus far.   The US explanation for the bombing has changed on almost a daily basis and it is very difficult to figure out exactly why this attack was carried out.

Forest fires in Indonesia have released almost 995 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions so far this year.  The smoke from the fires, many of which are deliberately set to make way for palm plantations, are visible from space and have caused serious respiratory problems in neighboring countries.  The fire problem will likely only worsen as this year’s el Niño  make drought conditions in Indonesia more probable.

As global economic growth continues to decline, the difficulties of some countries in repaying their debts will increase.  Since the global credit crisis of 2008, global debt levels have actually increased to about $200 trillion (up $57 trillion since 2008).  The debt levels do not seem acute right now since interest rates on the debt are effectively at zero percent.  But if interest rates return to more normal levels, the debt burdens will probably be unsustainable for many countries.  We should be prepared for another credit crisis at some point in the future.


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  1. The global economy collapsed long ago, they are keeping it float by quantitative easing! The deception is rife. Humanity needs to wake up NOW!!!


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