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Humans tend to have selective perceptions:  we sometimes think some matters are crucially important when , in fact, they are not likely to affect  us at all.   Such is the case with acts of terrorism.  There is no question that terrorism is a part of modern life and we are told to be hyper-vigilant about looking for signs of terrorism.  We are, however, more likely to be harmed by other aspects of modern life, but are assured that those conditions are simply something we need to accept.  Such is the case with gun violence in the US.

When Comparing American Deaths Caused by Terrorism to Those Caused by Gun Violence, a Startling Trend Emerges                                              This chart proves that the United States has failed at protecting its citizens from guns

Roger Cohen is an op-ed writer for the New York Times and is generally regarded as a thoughtful. left-of-center analyst.  He has written an essay describing President Obama’s foreign policy as the “Doctrine of Restraint.”  Cohen believes that other states, notably Russia, have taken advantage of Obama’s unwillingness to use US power to counter aggressive moves.  The essay raises a fundamental question in world politics: is the only way to prevent war is to threaten counter-war?

British pilots flying sorties against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have been outfitted with air-to-air missiles.  This ordinance reflects a change from the satellite-guided gravity bombs that the British aircraft have been carrying.  The change also reflects a change in the strategic stakes because now the British are sharing the airspace with Russian pilots.  The change does not mean that the British pilots are targeting the Russian planes but only that they are prepared to defend themselves if attacked.  However, the change reflects how dangerous the security dilemma can be.  The Russian have protested the change in the rules of engagement as provocative.


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