6 September 2015   Leave a comment

Uzbekistan has banned the teaching of Political Science in the country.   Islam Karimov has been President of the country since its independence after the break-up of the Soviet Unionand one can safely classify the regime as authoritarian.  The ban is based upon Karimov’s belief that Political Science does not take into account the “Uzbek model” and is a pseudo-science.  According to The Guardian: “The last remaining course in the subject widely taught in the country, which will now be called The Theory and Practice of Building a Democratic Society in Uzbekistan.”  I always knew I was dangerous.

Austria has announced that it intends to lift the emergency measures which allowed the free flow of refugees across its borders.  The emergency steps of lifting any checks on the people crossing the border was in response to the flood of refugees who had been bottled up in Hungary.  Austria, after consultation with both Germany and Hungary, has decided to reinstate the controls indicating that it wished to resume to a more “normal” situation.  Border checks are a long-standing feature of the nation-state system so the move is not a surprise.  But such checks are time-consuming and subject to capricious implementation–both attributes somewhat inappropriate in the present desperate circumstance.

UN humanitarian programs such as the High Commissioner on Refugees are rapidly running out of money.  These agencies had a 10% cut in their budgets last year, and the needs for their services has simply exploded this year with the crisis in Syria.  We tend to focus on the flow of refugees into Europe, but other countries, such as Turkey, are bearing a much heavier burden.  The World Health Organization was severely taxed because of the Ebola crisis in West Africa, and the World Food Programme has had very high demands this year as well.  It seems clear that the global institutions entrusted with humanitarian protections are not up to the tasks they currently confront.


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