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One of the negative consequences of globalization is its bias towards capital and the consequent growing inequality which virtually every country in the world has experienced over the last 40 years.  Indeed, in the US income inequality is as skewed toward the rich as it was in the late 1920s, just before the onset of the Great Depression.  Many think that income inequality is merely an economic issue, but the growing dissatisfaction of those at the bottom of the income spectrum poses as national security risk as well.

One of the interesting aspects of income inequality is how the bias toward capital influences our policy choices.  The management teams of the 30 largest fossil fuel companies have taken home $6 billion over the past five years. These companies have carbon-based reserves that, if burned,  would emit approximately 2,795 gigatons of carbon dioxide, “five times the amount of carbon that researchers tell us would push the globe into catastrophic climate change, everything from extreme flooding and drought to a significant rise in sea level. ”  In short, we are heavily rewarding those who would doom civilization.  Strange choice.

The Times of India is reporting that recently declassified documents from the American CIA indicate that Prime Minister Indira Gandhi considered attacking presumed nuclear facilities in Pakistan in 1981.  India exploded its first nuclear bomb in 1974 and Gandhi wished to preserve Indian nuclear superiority.  At that time, India and Pakistan had fought three wars since securing independence in 1947.  Pakistan ultimately exploded its first nuclear bomb in 1998.  Relations between the two states remain, however, quite strained.


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