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There have been 2,135 nuclear detonations since the very first one in 1945.  Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto made an animation showing each one over time.  The video is sobering.  It is hard to comprehend how assiduously humans have developed a technology that can never be used without the commission of horrific crimes against humanity.

Violence broke out near the Ukrainian Parliament building in Kyiv as legislators were debating a bill to give more local autonomy to the eastern parts of the state which is controlled by Russian-speaking separatists.  The protesters consider the bill a capitulation to the separatists and could signal the end of Ukraine as a unified state.  The violence is an indication of how hard and fast the positions are in Ukraine and how difficult it will be to forge some sort of agreement to bring about peace to the people.

NASA has released satellite images going back to 1992 which indicate that sea levels have already risen substantially due to global warming.  Many tend to think that the problem of sea levels is a future problem, but the evidence suggests that the phenomenon is already occurring.  Interestingly, the rise is not uniform: some parts of the ocean are rising faster than others.   But there is little question that the oceans act as the most important sink for warming temperatures.

global warming components


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