30 August 2015   1 comment

The economic slowdown and the market decline in China has seriously affected the global economy.  But the biggest problem for China is not economic:  it is political.  China has made promises to both the Chinese people and the investors that invest in China that it will deliver economic growth if its techniques for doing so were not questioned.  Now the question is being asked if the government has honored its part of the bargain.  If the economic situation in China continues to slowdown, then the legitimacy of the government may come under closer scrutiny.

Imperialism is impossible to reverse or undo.  One of the  first things new settlers do when territory is claimed by their home country is to give familiar names to the landscape.  Many of the indigenous names for mountains, rivers, and other features of the environment have been lost in the process.   Today, US President Obama decided to rename a mountain in Alaska (the highest in North America).  In the most recent past it has been known as Mount McKinley.  Its Alaska Athabascan name, Denali (“the high one”), will return as its official name.

After three years without a parliament, Egypt has set a date for parliamentary elections in October.  The country has been ruled in the interim by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a former military general, and his rule has been marked by a sharp decline in freedoms and a crackdown on anyone who could possibly be associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.  The election will be held in rather desperate economic conditions and a deteriorating security situation in the region as a whole.  It is difficult to assess how effective an elected parliament might be in the immediate future.


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  1. If I’d known Obama would be this bold and carefree, I would’ve voted for him. Lesson learned about discounting the joys of a lame duck presidency. Decades from now, when I’ve long since forgotten Jill Stein’s name, I think I’ll feel comfortable telling my grandchildren that I liked Pres. Obama.


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