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John Richardson has written an article for Esquire magazine that investigates the mind set of climate scientists.  Their task is formidable: modeling the process of climate change is extraordinarily difficult.  But these scientists have an additional burden–the organized attempts by some very rich institutions that have dedicated themselves to attacking the scientists and their conclusions.  Richardson does an excellent job of plumbing the issues that these scientists have to confront, not the least of which is the idea that they are studying a process that could change human civilization profoundly.

The German prosecutor who sought to bring treason charges against journalists who wrote articles about German government intentions to increase surveillance capabilities on German citizens has been fired.  The move is an important step in protecting freedom of the press in Germany.  The question of government surveillance is an especially sensitive one to the German people who experienced horrific surveillance under Nazi rule and by the secret police in East Germany under communist rule.

Graham Allison has been writing about US foreign policy as long as I have been alive.  He has written a piece for The Atlantic entitled “9 Reasons to Support the Iran Deal.”  It is a short and concise list of reasons to support the deal–a good antidote to much of the shoddy analysis that is flying around right now.


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