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Politics and economics are always laggard ideas; the ideas that truly move societies come from the arts.  The Enlightenment could never have happened without the Renaissance.   There is a young Vietnamese, Nguyen Vu Son, currently studying in Oklahoma who has issued a You Tube video entitled “Fuck Communism.”  Needless to say, this video is considered highly subversive in Vietnam and Son has risked a great deal for himself and his family.  The video, however, has been viewed many times in Vietnam so apparently there are some who think much like him about the corruption in Vietnamese government.

One of the conditions for the Greek bailout was that Greece put up for sale a number of public assets to private investors.  The sale is supposed to raise 50 billion euro, but it is unlikely to be that successful.  But the list of assets that are subject to the sale is large, and involve some industries that clearly involve the public interest such as ports, water and sewage facilities,  airports, and oil and natural gas companies.  The sale of some of these assets will be difficult for many Greeks to accept and will likely cause some resistance to the plan.

Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza has won a disputed third term even though he was constitutionally prohibited from a third term.  The opposition refused to participate in the election, and most outside powers have signaled their unwillingness to work with Nkurunziza.  The outcome is likely to produce an unsettled and possibly violent situation in Burundi.



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