23 July 2015   2 comments

US President Obama cam into office with two ongoing wars: Iraq and Afghanistan.  His campaign promises were to end both wars, and, indeed, he has announced the end of “combat” missions in both countries.  But he has also continued to extend the US presence in both countries and the US is still bombing in both.  In fact, the wars have not ended, and the US is increasingly involved in the conflicts in both Libya and Syria.   At the end of his Administration, the US is likely to be involved in four wars.  On the other hand, Obama has overseen the opening of Myanmar, the restoration of ties with Cuba, and the Iranian nuclear agreement.  Quite a mixed bag.

Turkey has changed its policy toward the Islamic State and has decided to let the US use the air base at Incirlik to launch airstrikes against the caliphate.  The change comes after the Islamic State attacked Turkish territory.  The Turks have also decided to take stronger steps to control the inflow of foreign fighters into Iraq and Syria to join the caliphate.  The change in policy is an important one, but it raises questions about Turkish-US policies toward the Kurds.

Myanmar sentenced 152 Chinese nationals to life imprisonment for illegal logging in the northern part of the state.  The sentences are especially harsh and suggest that Myanmar authorities are angry about the attention the Bejing government has given to Myanmar opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.  The arrests were made in Kachin province which has been the site of rebel activity against the Myanmar government for many years.   The sentences suggest that China and Myanmar, once the closest of allies, have drifted very far apart.



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  1. What do those heavy black lines represent on the boarder??


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