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The Greek Parliament established it Truth Committee on Public Debt in April 2015.  Today it published its Preliminary Findings and used the term “odious debt” to describe the current circumstances of Greece.  Odious debt is considered an illegitimate debt that does not need to be repayed.  The Executive summary describes the debt in these terms:

“All the evidence we present in this report shows that Greece not only does not have the ability to pay this debt, but also should not pay this debt first and foremost because the debt emerging from the Troika’s arrangements is a direct infringement on the fundamental human rights of the residents of Greece. Hence, we came to the conclusion that Greece should not pay this debt because it is illegal, illegitimate, and odious.”

The Report concludes with an  attack the International Monetary Fund, The European Central Bank, and the European Commission:

“Having concluded a preliminary investigation, the Committee considers that Greece has been and still is the victim of an attack premeditated and organized by the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank, and the European Commission. This violent, illegal, and immoral mission aimed exclusively at shifting private debt onto the public sector.”

The report certainly strengthens the hand of Prime Minister Tsipras but points to a repudiation of the debt.  A Greek default is looking more and more likely.

Relations between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, which share the same island of Hispaniola, have never been very good.  Haiti is significantly poorer than the Dominican Republic, and there is significant racial prejudice against Haitians within the Dominican.  The Dominican Republic has begun a massive drive against Haitian immigrants and deporting them back to Haiti.  The drive is reminiscent of a massacre against Haitians which occurred in 1937, and resonates strongly with the anti-immigrant hysteria that seems to be affecting countries all across the planet.

Hungary is also part of the anti-immigrant campaign.  But it is going one step further and building a security fence along the entire Hungarian-Serbian border to prevent the influx of refugees from Serbia.   The refugees come largely from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, but the EU has a rule (called the Dublin Regulation) which places the initial responsibility for asylum on the state first processing the refugees.  The current right-wing government of Hungary is not at all sympathetic to the plight of the refugees.


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