9 June 2015   1 comment

The recent Turkish election was more significant than initially believed.  In addition to preventing the AK Party from achieving a Parliamentary majority, it appears as if the new Parliament will be more diverse than any other in Turkish history.  A large number of Kurds will elected, but 97 women were elected and will account for 17 percent of the Parliament.  Christians were also elected to the body as well as a two Yazidi and a single Roma.   One can expect a real struggle between the new Parliament and President Erdogan.

In his recent election campaign, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu promised to speed up building of settlements in the Occupied West Bank.  In order to do so, Israel wanted to bring in migrant construction workers and made agreements with Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania.  Israel also made an agreement with China for workers, but China has decided that these workers cannot be used to work on settlements in the West Bank.  China claims that the ban is because of safety concerns, but it more likely signals China’s disapproval of Israel’s settlement policy in the Occupied Territories.

One can never be sure, but it appears as if Greece might be nearing the end of the road in its talks with the troika over reforms.  The troika continues to insist that Greece cut the pension benefits of millions of Greeks and the Greek government so far has refused to take that step.  It is hard to imagine a compromise at this stage of the negotiations–both sides have invested too much of their credibility in their positions.  So the only route now is for capitulation, and the Greeks will have to choose between that outcome and default.  Both are miserable outcomes.


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  1. Hello Vinnie, I just want everyone to be aware that pensions over EUR600 have already been cut 40% . No one ever mentions that in any publication. Best Regards, Emma Ferguson 2010


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