13 May 2015   Leave a comment

Australian and Japanese scientists have confirmed that an el Niño event will occur in the Pacific this year, and expect it to be a moderate to strong pattern.  The pattern is associated with weather extremes throughout the world. Some of these patterns may be useful–typically in such a year California receives above-average rains.  But in other areas of the world, droughts and very high temperatures occur.  We have not seen a strong el Niño since 1997.

The Vatican has recognized the state of Palestine.  The treaty will solidify the status of Catholic Churches in territory controlled by the Palestinian Authority, and it further legitimizes the legal status of Palestine.  Israel indicated that it was disappointed with the move and that it would not further the peace process.  There are about 136 states that currently recognize Palestine as a state.

The situation in Burundi continues to be unstable as President Nkurunziza refuses to back down from his threat to run for a third term.  The crisis in Burundi, however, is unlikely to remain confined to its borders.  Rwandan President Paul Kagame has made noises to run for a prohibited third term, as have the Presidents of Congo-Brazzaville and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  In addition, the ethnic rivalries between the Hutu and the Tutsi spill over into all these countries.


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