8 May 2015   Leave a comment

British voters decided to confound all the pollsters and voted overwhelmingly to keep Prime Minister Cameron and the Conservative Party in power.  All talk of a “hung” Parliament disappeared as the Conservatives won an outright majority in Parliament.  The big losers were the Labor Party and the UK Independence Party.  Curiously, the big winner (aside from the Tories) was the Scottish National Party which only a few months ago lost the referendum to make Scotland independent of the United Kingdom.  Now the European Union must brace for the changes in EU policy that Cameron will likely make.

There were four allies in the war against Nazi Germany: the Soviet Union, Great Britain, France, and the US.   Yet they do not celebrate the end of World War II on the same day.  The Russians observe 8 May; the US, France, and Great Britain observe 7 May.   The difference is explained by fastidious attention to diplomatic detail, the errors of translation, and the significance of geography for historical memory.
It’s Friday night. Time to kick back.


Posted May 9, 2015 by vferraro1971 in World Politics

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