14 April 2015   Leave a comment

There is a “blob” of abnormally warm water off the Pacific northwest coast that may be partially responsible for the current drought in California.  The expanse of unusually warm water (about 5 degrees F warmer than usual) cannot yet be fully explained, but some believe that it may be responsible for the deaths of many aquatic animals (like the young sea lions who are washing up on the California coast).  The blob is just another example of weather anomalies that defy full explanation but which may also be associated with climate change.

US President Obama has taken Cuba off the list of states that sponsor terrorism, opening the possibility for a return to full diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba.   The move is long overdue–the US policy over the past 53 years will go down in history as one of the most futile diplomatic gestures ever maintained.  What is most surprising to me is the relative lack of conservative backlash over the move.  So far, Sen. Marco Rubio is the only national politician to have registered more than a token note of disapproval.

It appears as if the US Senate has reached a compromise agreement that will give Congress a voice in the Iranian nuclear agreement but which does not seem to allow any changes to the agreement that may undo it.  That compromise is a welcome change from the rhetoric of a few days ago, and represents a move away the preferred position of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu of not allowing Iran to maintain any enrichment capability.  There are signs, however, that the House of Representatives, whose members are more hawkish on the issue, may demand a voice in the matter as well.


Posted April 15, 2015 by vferraro1971 in World Politics

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