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Researchers from Yale University and Utah State University have conducted a massive poll of American opinions on climate change in every Congressional District.  Their findings are that whether one worries about climate change depends a great deal on where one is located.  Residents of Washington, DC register the highest level of concern about climate change, while residents of West Virginia are the least concerned group of Americans.  The results of the poll are quite interesting, but it seems clear that a majority of Americans believe that global warming is occurring and that something should be done about it.  The results suggest that some members of Congress who do not believe that climate change is an issue are not in touch with many of their constituents.

Kenyan warplanes attacked several al Shabab camps in Somalia.  The attacks were in response to the extremist attacks on Garissa University.   It is not likely that air bombardment would have much effect on the militant group, but the pressure on Kenyan President Kenyatta to retaliate was intense.  The countries in the region of East Africa, however, have to figure out a more effective and coordinated response to the threat posed by al Shabab.  Moreover,  there countries lack the means to deliver a sustained response, and desperately need the help of the most developed countries in the world.  The extremist groups–al Shababal Qaeda, and the Islamic States–are not coordinating their activities, but they have to be dealt with as if they were a highly coordinated group.

Greece has finally given an estimate of how much money Germany owes the Greeks for the damages inflicted by the German occupation of the country in World War II.  The final amount comes to $305.17 billion.  There is zero likelihood that Germany would even consider the issue reparations (it made payments in the past and considers the matter closed).  But the Greeks are pursuing the issue as a way to undermine the moral legitimacy of German demands for full repayment of Greek sovereign debt.


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