5 April 2015   Leave a comment

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu came out strongly against the Iran nuclear deal.  In a speech, he raised the issue to a global one, arguing that a nuclear armed Iran represents a threat to the whole world.  By coming out against the agreement, Netanyahu is openly opposing the Obama Administration.  The alternative to the deal is for additional sanctions to be placed on Iran in hopes of getting a better deal.  By a “better deal” he presumably means a deal in which Iran would destroy all its nuclear facilities and programs.   It is hard to imagine that such an outcome is remotely possible.

Hundreds of Palestinian refugees have fled from the Yarmouk refugee camp just south of Damascus, Syria.   They have been caught in the cross-fire between the government forces of President Assad and the forces of the Islamic State.   There are reports of beheadings and executions as there is no love lost between the Islamic State and the Palestinian refugees.  Most of the camp’s residents had already fled, and those who remained were quite literally those who had no alternative place to go.  The political status of a Palestinian refugee is among the lowest imaginable in the world today.

On 9 April the Greek government must repay the IMF  a €450 million loan.  There are serious questions whether the government has the money, although it claims that it does.  The Greeks are desperately trying to renegotiate the terms of the repayment, and the IMF is more open to such changes than is the EU or the European Central Bank.  But much remains in doubt, and the world will be watching what happens as the date approaches.


Posted April 6, 2015 by vferraro1971 in World Politics

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