31 March 2015   1 comment

Muhammadu Buhari has declared victory, and Goodluck Jonathan has conceded defeat, in the Nigerian elections.  Buhari won decisively in the northern part of the country (as expected), but it appears as if the people of Nigeria were looking to put behind them the corruption of the current government.  Moreover, many expect Buhari to be more effective in dealing with the Boko Haram insurgency in the north.  The election was a victory for democracy in Nigeria with the peaceful transition of power.

Antarctica recorded its highest temperature at a record high of 63.5F (17.5C) on 24 March (much warmer than in was in South Hadley on that day).  The record is a troubling sign of global warming and it comes amid growing evidence that the ice sheets in Antarctica are melting at a faster rate than had been realized.

It is not often that we are able to witness major shifts in the balance of power as they happen.  But since March of 2003, there has been a slow but steady shift of power toward Iran in the Middle East, and the US has slowly but surely been moving to acknowledge that shift.  The changes in policy associated with that change are often not openly acknowledged, but it seems obvious that the US and Iran are moving toward a rapprochement.


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  1. could you do coverage on thailand abandoning martial law? Thank you. You are a great source of information.


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