19 March 2015   Leave a comment

Although it is dicey at this stage of the year to make predictions about the extent of Arctic sea ice, there seems to be a consensus emerging that we have reached the lowest maximum extent of Arctic sea ice ever recorded.  If no more sea ice forms in the Arctic, it will be the earliest maximum ever recorded as well.  What these twin records mean is that we will have the longest summer temperatures to melt the smallest amount of ice.  The poles are the most sensitive areas of the planet to global warming and it appears as if the warming at the North Pole has been unusually dramatic this year.

Tony Lake taught at the Five Colleges in the 1980s until he left to become President Clinton’s National Security Adviser in 1992.  He is now the head of UNICEF, the UN’s children’s organization.  He has given an interview about the status of children in the world, in particular the plight of children in the civil war in Syria.  Tony is one of the smartest people I have ever known and he has generously served the public interest his entire life.

Some months ago China and Russia announced the formation of a new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.  In many respects the bank serves a genuine need for financial capital in Asian infrastructure, but it is also designed to serve as an alternative to the US-led World Bank (the President of the World Bank has always been an American since its inception in 1944).  The US did not treat the announcement of the new bank with great seriousness, but its main allies (Germany, France, Italy and Britain) all decided to join the bank this week.  Some analysts view the new bank as the end of American financial supremacy.  Perhaps, but let’s see how the new bank fares before we pronounce it a success.


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