13 March 2015   Leave a comment

US CIA Director Brennan has conceded that the Iraqi government acts as an “interlocuter” between US and Iranian forces in the fight against the Islamic State.  This statement marks the first time that the US has admitted that it is coordinating military action in Iraq.  Needless to say, the cooperation is merely expedient: the interests of both sides coincide with the defeat of the Islamic State.  After that objective is secured, their interests will once again diverge.  Nonetheless, temporary alliances can have the effect of building trust over the long run.

Twenty opposition parties in Bangladesh have been coordinating a nationwide blockade of economic activities since 6 January.  The blockade was called to protest the arrest of a prominent government critic, Khaleda Zia.  Over a hundred people have been killed in violence associated with the blockade and the economic effects on the country have been quite serious and extensive.  The Awami League, the party in power, has so far refused to negotiate with the opposition parties.

The US dollar has been appreciating in value since early 2014, but it recent weeks the appreciation has been quite dramatic.  The dollar is now at its highest level vis-a-vis the euro since 2003.  This news is wonderful if one is thinking about traveling abroad.  But if one is an exporter of US goods, then the news is rather grim, and analysts have been slashing their estimates of US economic growth for 2015 as a result.   The surging dollar will unquestionably have dramatic effects on all people who hold debts calculated in dollar terms.



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