10 March 2015   Leave a comment

The Greek government is being whipsawed between party members who no longer wish to cooperate with the troika on the austerity program and those members who want to maintain some financial relationship with the troika.  The division threatens Syriza’s control over Parliament, and Prime Minister Tsipras is desperate to avoid a vote in Parliament for fear that the more left-leaning members of the Party will vote against his delicate arrangement with the troika that bought Greece four more months before the bailout money runs out.

Venezuelan President Maduro condemned the US decision to brand his country as a national security threat.  Maduro called the action an attempt by the US to overthrow his government, branding the action as US imperialism.  At the same time, Maduro asked for new powers to control the unrest in the country as the economy continues to deteriorate.

Police broke up student demonstrations in Myanmar.  The students were protesting new education laws that they felt would cripple the university system which was once regarded as one of the best in the world.  But years of military rule, only recently ended, degraded the system, and the new laws seem designed to curb free expression within the academy.  Myanmar has had a very bad human rights record which has slowly gotten better as civilians were brought into power.  The brutal suppression of the student protest seems like a step backward for the country.


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