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Climate scientists have been puzzling over the slowdown in the increase of global surface temperatures over the last fifteen years.   Even though CO2 levels have steadily increased, global surface temperatures have not increased at the same rate.  The hiatus has led many to question the validity of the predictions concerning climate change.   New studies indicate that the hiatus can be explained by natural variability, largely the temperatures of the oceans.  Many scientists suspect that global warming is in fact occurring primarily in ocean temperatures, a change that would not necessarily be captured in land surface temperatures.

Greek Finance Minister Giannis Varoufakis has given an interview to Spiegel.  The interview is wide-ranging and Varoufakis explains in specific detail why he believes that Greece should have some of its debts erased.  He is also very forceful on why he believes that austerity is the wrong policy for Greece right now.  Varoufakis is becoming somewhat of a rock star in Europe right now, even though his efforts have not been notably successful.



The Islamic State has released a video showing extensive destruction of historical artifacts in the Mosul Museum.  The Islamic State claimed that it was carrying out the religious mandate forbidding idol worship.  Most of the artifacts reflected pre-Islamic art and the museum had been designated as a world historical site by the UN.  The sculptures were destroyed by jackhammers and sledgehammers.




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