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We’ve all had a lesson in propaganda, even though most of us were completely unaware of the attempt.  The Washington Free Beacon published photos provided to it by Senator Inhofe (R-OK) proving that Russians soldiers were fighting in eastern Ukraine.  Senator Inhofe has been joined by Senators Cruz (R-TX), Cornyn (R-TZ), Rubio (R-FL), and Cotton (R-AR) in pressing US President Obama to provide lethal aid to the Ukrainian government.  Unfortunately, the photographs were all from the Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008.  The Free Beacon has retracted its story, but who knows how many people were influenced by the original photos.  One of the photographs and its original is reproduced below:




The US has weighed in on the dispute between Greece and the “Troika.”  Greece wants the austerity programs loosened in order to stimulate greater economic growth, but the troika, motivated primarily by Germany, has refused to make any adjustments.  There will be more meetings on Monday, and it is difficult to say which side will prevail.  But the US position is that the unwillingness to reach a compromise is jeopardizing the health of the global economy.

Last Thursday South African President, Jacob Zuma, delivered his state of the nation address to the Parliament.  Unfortunately, the speech was delivered to a half-empty gathering after a brawl broke out between members of Zuma’s African National Congress and members of the left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters.  The EFF charges Zuma with corruption, charges that are highly plausible.  The South African economy is not doing very well and many South Africans believe that the economic problems are due to poor governance.


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