10 February 2015   Leave a comment

The US has kept an arms-length relationship to General Sisi, the President of Egypt.  The US favored a new government in Egypt after it became disillusioned with the Presidency of Muhammed Morsi, but General Sisi has used a very heavy hand in governing Egypt since he came to power, and the US has tried to communicate its discomfort with the violations of human rights.  Russian President Putin has moved into the space between Sisi and the US, and is exploiting the vacuum.  Putin is a master of balance of power diplomacy.

After three days of debate, the Greek Parliament gave Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras a strong vote of confidence as he prepares to confront Greece’s creditors with plans to reduce Greece’s debt burden.   The vote will undoubtedly encourage Tsipras to continue his policy of confrontation, and he pledged that “Greece cannot go back to the era of memoranda and submission.”  The EU and Greece are playing a high-stakes game of chicken.  It will be interesting to see if there is a voice out there that can forge a compromise.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has never had a peaceful transfer of power since it became independent in 1960, and it appears as if it is facing more political unrest as its current President, Joseph Kabila, appears ready to extend his rule beyond his legal mandate.  Hundreds of his political opponents have been rounded up and Kabila gives every indication that he intends to remain in power.   The Democratic Republic of Congo carries a horrific colonial legacy that continues to destabilize the country and is cursed by extraordinary resource wealth that makes it a target for ruthless people.


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