26 January 2015   3 comments

Alexis Tsipras, the most likely next Prime Minister of Greece, wasted no time in sending a message to Europe about how to interpret the victory of his party, Syriza, in the recent elections.  His first act after declaring victory at the polls was to lay flowers at a memorial commemorating 200 Greek communists killed by the Nazis in World War II.   The message was that Greece would no longer submit to the austerity programs designed in Germany.  Greece now has until June before it needs to pay back its loan to the European Union.  We’ll see if Germany allows Greece to renegotiate the terms of the payback.

US President Obama joined in India’s Republic Day ceremony, celebrating the adoption of the Indian constitution in 1950.  The event symbolized the importance that Obama is placing on US-Indian relations, and the hope that India will prove to be a reliable counterweight to Chinese influence in South and Southeast Asia.  Not coincidentally, Pakistani Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif, was in China at the same time deepening Chinese-Pakistani military relations.

As we all await the arrival of the snowstorm, here is a little background information on New England blizzards.  Enjoy the storm if you can!  (I will not ask any questions about this article on the quiz–just enjoy it)


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  1. How does one ban travel? Surely it’s more of a guideline. Wouldn’t that be against some fundamental rights that superceed even man man ones like the right to travel?


    • The state can infringe upon personal freedoms when it believes that the exercise of rights imperils the public interest. In this case, the need of individuals to travel is deemed less urgent than the need to protect first responders from the hazards of rescuing imperiled drivers. No right is absolute, even in a liberal society.


  2. How does one ban travel on a public highway. Doesn’t this violate several fundamental rights that superceed those created by modern man like the right to travel and eat


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